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Get Amazon Giftcards for FREE [Working] Repeatable


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Oct 1, 2021
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Today im sharing a method with yall I bought on HF a while ago. At my peak I was making $700/day using this method. Nowadays im no longer using this method because im moving on to bigger and better things using the money I made with this (which was quite a bit). As I said in the title, this method is a little blackhat so I would not advice you guys to over do this unless you know what you are doing (start out slow and progressively do this faster)

This is my first post so im sorry if im making any mistakes lol

Enjoy and good luck making bank!

So, first of all - we will be using this eBook as our core:

This is the method that allows you to get anything from G2A completely for free because of an exploit in their Bitcoin payment system

Most people are using this method to get Amazon giftcards, but instead of actually making money, they just buy goods on Amazon, which is also a good way to use this method, but I think my method is much better as it gives you pure $$ to your wallet.

You can earn from $140 to $700 daily. Here are some things you need to know to understand my calculations:

-> g2a allows you to create max. 2 orders per day (24 hours)

-> g2a allows you to add max. 5 items to your cart which means you can "buy" max. 10 items daily.

Now, if we use this exploit to get 10 giftcards, $100 each, we will get $1000 in giftcard balance.

But how to cash it out? Personally I'm using https://paxful.com/ to sell these giftcards instantly for BTC. I sell them for around 70% of their value, which means you can get $700 in Bitcoin DAILY!
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